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Fully Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

fully frameless glass.jpg

At DFS we supply a complete range of fully frameless glass products and can give you advice on how to DIY or give you the number of one of our recommended contractors. This attractive option allows you to have full views of your pool area while still providing the same safety. 


All panels are tempered 12mm glass and meet Australian pool safety regulations. We keep a large stock of glass at our shop in Burleigh, which makes for quick turn around.


Glass Panels

fully frameless glass.jpg
We stock the full range of 39 glass panels from;
100 x 1200 to 2000 x 1200
All panels are 12mm tempered glass with polished edges and corners.  


square flange.jpg
black square core.jpg
Stainless steel spigots stocked in both core drilled (in ground with grout) and flanged (on ground with bolts)
Available in black square or mirror stainless in square and round


glass to glass hinges.jpg
glass to glass hinges front on.jpg
Massive range of glass accessories kept at our burleigh shop, including; hinges and latches, glass clamps and rail


Core Drill



dyna bolts.jpg
Suppliers of Bostik techflow HES grout and Sika HES grout for fixing core drilled spigots
Suppliers of core drills, available for purchase or just to hire
We have plenty of fixings in store for your flanged spigots
Available in stainless steel 

For a full price list please see this attachment        or for a quote please come in store with a mud-map of your area

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